The Majick May Return

Past Tense
The Battle of the Bell

With their home’s roof on fire, the Soulks rush outside. There are Orcs marauding through the town square. A squadron of Elfs arrive to meet the agressors. Soon a major battle is raging in Town Square, and many skirmishes are taking place along the once peaceful avenues.

The PCs join in as best they can. In some instances, they skirmish with lone Orc warriors. In other cases, they take command of leaderless Elf cadres.

The Tower Bell is ringing out, now controlled by Orc brigands. Each tone of the Bell saps morale of the Elfs and Humans.

The Good Old Days
Back in Time

The PCs investigate the empty village, piecing together their back-story.
While in the home they first woke in, they hear a distant chime of a large bell. Bursting through the side door is an Orc, fully dressed for battle. The PCs are startled, but it is stunned. It makes a wild attack, sinking it’s halberd into the wood wall. The PCs quickly dispatch the creature.

They hear a commotion from outside. By the time they gear up and exit, the sounds have subsided. They are alone. Back in their house, they find that there are differences. The gouged wall is covered by a fur covering.

All Things Remembered
Some bring pleasure wherever they go, others whenever

The Foulk brothers, Ifen, Notch, Scowler have investigated a bit of town and found it deserted. Entering other homes, they discover signs where recently burned out fireplaces, food on tables, unmade beds, unlocked doors are indicators that the town was recently occupied. Curios, they make there way cross town, finding similar signs of abrupt town evacuation.

In the fields past the blacksmith shop, the three brothers hear a wild dog baying. Travelling into the field, they are confronted with a wild mastiff. This animal is thin but muscular and stands 4 1/2 feet high at shoulder.

It is a mastiff, but is run off by something near the forest breakline; something only it seems to see.

A Frame of Mind
New Characters with Psionics

Ifen, Notch, and Scowler awaken at their home, disoriented. Each discovers he has recently recovered from a tremendous fever, as evidenced by the signs of profuse sweating on their bedding. Their disorientation continues after they arise. Worse, although they dimly recognize their surroundings as being their childhood home, there is an odd feeling of disconnectedness to the place.

Although none of them immediately recall events clearly, perusing the furnishings dows aid in bringing back disjointed memories. Their bedroom comprised a set of three double-bunk beds. Adjoining that room is apparently their parent’s bedroom. Off of that is a combination dining area/kitchen/living room. The fire hearth and small kitchen oven are both cold, although leftover milk and used pottery plates are on the dining table. Further investigation finds a letter from Ulna, a local woman, inviting him to a dance along with works of dance positions in Scowler’s own hand.

Further investigation yields Notch and Ifen’s suits of chain shirt, a great sword carefully hung, and a family crossbow. Scowler’s search of his room yields a curious figurine. A lion, roughly palm sized, carved out of an amber-coloured crystal becomes immediately attuned to him upon touch. Scowler uses meditation techniques to recall his early childhood when he received the lion figurine in a nearby Elven village. He also recalls that a wizened Elf there had given each of the brother’s a mystical tattoo on their legs.

Elf Fever
Madness in Kelenton

Barely escaping an excitable mob of raving mad humans from the village of Cold Springs, the adventurers hurriedly returned to the Elven town of Kelëthorn, Arriving at nightfall, the group decided best how to approach the aloof Elves with the news that the Humans had gone a bit dangerously insane and apparently were planning to attack soon.

Dwalin, perhaps subconsciously channeling the Dwarven distrust of nutty Wood Elves, decided to camp the night outside the unsettling Elven town. Best to approach them in the sober light of day, when they were fresh, he rationalized. Boromir and Legolas decided to press forward the last mile or so and seek shelter with the Elves.

Dwalin quickly set up camp, making a comfortable pillow out of the bag of party gold only he was strong enough to carry. He settled quickly into cozy dreams of counting coins and imagining all the different ways the party treasure could be divided into various shares.

Meanwhile, Legolas and Boromir entered Kelëthorn.


Amongst the huge tree-trunks, many Elves were dancing and cavorting around an enormous bonfire. Apprehensive, but determined, the two adventurers approached the revelers to ask to see the Condir (Literally Chief-man, more or less Mayor). As soon as Legolas was spotted, one of the Wood-Elves that had been trying to capture fireflies in a ridiculously oversized net rushed and netted Legolas instead. Boromir tried to help Legolas, who was not strong enough to break the netting through brute strength. Boromir was beset himself by other crazed Wood-Elfs, who beat him to subdual with a variety of improvised weapons. Legolas was more entangled on the net, as his assailant ran circles to tighten the net’s hold further. After knocking unconscious two of his attackers, Boromir saw by the light of the bonfire that a gang of twelve Elves were rushing he and the entangled Legolas. This new mob had rocks and sticks, and they were attacking with lethal force. Things were looking bad, and got worse when Boromir was caught up in a net of his own. The mod was rushing closer, pelting each adventurer with many stones and sticks.

Outside of the chaotic town scene, Dwalin was awakened from his slumber by an ominous sound outside. Taking time to put on his armor and gird a weapon, Dwalin stepped outside to investigate. Enormous spiders, each about the size of a table, were spinning webs around Dwalin’s bivouac. Using his Barbarian-Ranger skills, Dwalin set out to investigate ways to get to the spiders. Belated, he recalled that his pack and the party bag of cash was still in the tent. Rushing in to retrieve the items, Dwalin happened to get caught in an enormous mesh of sticky webbing and solid netting. Caught in a snare of huge proportion, Dwalin was lifted a good twenty feet in the air.

For the first time, the Mountain Dwarf found himself dangling several score feet off the ground. His willpower failed him, and Dwalin suffered several long moments of blind panic. Rallying his wits, Dwalin burst his net snare and landed hard on a huge branch outcrop. Inching his way to the nearby gear, Dwalin misstepped and fell hard to a branch fifteen feet below.

Falling again from this branch, Dwalin plummeted to the ground below, badly hurt. Only his tough skin and warrior’s training helped him absorb so much damage. Staggered, Dwalin lifted his eyes to his gear, now perched several dozen feet above him. At that moment, his Barbarian senses triggered, and he saw three dangers at once. Spiders were on the ground, approaching him, above the wind had shifted, making his tent tarp teeter off the branch above. Lastly, the backpack he’d been trying for knocked loose and was falling for a brutal crash. Luckily, Dwalin held ground so that the backpack and money bag landed squarely on him. Although now injured to the point of being staggered, Dwalin doffed the backpack.

Realizing too late that the backpack he now wore was attached to some incredibly thick and strong web strands, Dwalin was again propelled into the air. This time, by not struggling the stout Dwarf was lifted from the clutches of the ground spiders, raised past the giant spiders canvassing the branch he had formerly occupied, and was lifted to a wooden platform in the trees.

There, while cutting himself away from the web strands, his Elf rescuers were besieged by a crazed Wood Elf. Just before attacking, and likely ending Dwalin’s high adventure permanently, a dart shot out from darkness and nocked the insane Wood Elf’s arm. Whether coated with some kind of poison or strong sedative, the Wood Elf collapsed on the platform.

Dawlin’s benefactor was a less insane Elf who silently beconed him around the tree trunk and into a massive hollow in the tree. Inside, Dwalin climbed a kind of wooden rampway carved in the tree. After a bit of an ascent, he came out of the tree via another doorway sized knot. Now finding himself on a 20 foot wide acorn stand, Dwalin had to rappel down a vine-rope onto a wooden platform, fifty or more feet above ground.


Working his way across an narrow, but intricately designed bridge, Dwalin was treated to the sight of a strange kind of elevator rising to a platform above him. The elevator seemed to consist of a vastly oversize Acorn, hollowed out with its top separated. Inside this strange apparatus, five seats were arranged. Four figures were inside, two slumped over and needing support from their protectors. The outside of the Acorn-Elevator was peppered with several arrow shafts and scrapes from some weaponry near-misses. Dwalin headed for the elevator’s landing platform.

At this time, Boromir and Legolas were unexpectedly able to free themselves from their respective snares. The Mad Elves were practically upon them, and there were far more opponents than either Boromir or Legolas could hope to face in their weakened states. When all seemed particularly bleak, a kind of Acorn-Elevator dropped near Boromir and Legolas. Fighting to get to the highly unusual conveyance, Legolas was knocked unconscious and Boromir was stunned getting to he and his companion to the relative safety of the Acorn-Elevator car.

Not a moment too soon. Just as the Acorn Elevator started to rise, a hail of arrows hit the sides of the Acorn Car. Had the initiative not fallen to the adventurers, many of those arrows would have found Legolas or Boromir instead. Fortunately the lift started up before any more mischief could befall them. Within seconds of their ascent, the two companions fell unconscious.

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