The Majick May Return

A Frame of Mind

New Characters with Psionics

Ifen, Notch, and Scowler awaken at their home, disoriented. Each discovers he has recently recovered from a tremendous fever, as evidenced by the signs of profuse sweating on their bedding. Their disorientation continues after they arise. Worse, although they dimly recognize their surroundings as being their childhood home, there is an odd feeling of disconnectedness to the place.

Although none of them immediately recall events clearly, perusing the furnishings dows aid in bringing back disjointed memories. Their bedroom comprised a set of three double-bunk beds. Adjoining that room is apparently their parent’s bedroom. Off of that is a combination dining area/kitchen/living room. The fire hearth and small kitchen oven are both cold, although leftover milk and used pottery plates are on the dining table. Further investigation finds a letter from Ulna, a local woman, inviting him to a dance along with works of dance positions in Scowler’s own hand.

Further investigation yields Notch and Ifen’s suits of chain shirt, a great sword carefully hung, and a family crossbow. Scowler’s search of his room yields a curious figurine. A lion, roughly palm sized, carved out of an amber-coloured crystal becomes immediately attuned to him upon touch. Scowler uses meditation techniques to recall his early childhood when he received the lion figurine in a nearby Elven village. He also recalls that a wizened Elf there had given each of the brother’s a mystical tattoo on their legs.



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