The Majik May Return

Characters begin in a secluded valley between three mountain ranges. In the valley floor live a small thorp of humans 200 or so. Deep in the valley woods, among the towering Pilar Trees live 90+ wood elves and a handful of grey elves. Known to reside and mine along the rim and ridges of the mountains are a small 40+ group of Mountain Dwarves.

It is a time of quiet. The Humans, Elves and Dwarves int the area for the most part stay in their secluded valley and hills. Only a wily group of Goblins are other races nearby. They presented a problem to the Dwarves in the Mountains 60+ years ago. After a series of incursions 60 years ago, Humans and Dwarves worked to drive the Goblins out of the mountains and routed them all of the way out of the valley. (The Wood Elves of Kel√ęthorn were notably absent from the combat.)

The Goblins retreated to Wizard Island, a single, small land in the Crater Lake region. There they remained, banished and left to fend for themselves. The Goblins did flourish after a fashion, increasing in numbers and fashioning crude war-canoes to use on expeditions across Crater Lake. Still, the Goblins left alone the Dwarves of the mountain (and the Humans and Elves in the Valley below) for over 60 years.

Other than the lore of Elves and their inherent nature, there is little to no known Magic in the valley. Characters start out finding ways to make ends meet in the harsh mountain climate.

Characters begin as one of Human, Elf (Grey or Wood), Dwarf (Mountain).
DND 3.5 SRD, with Psionics Handbook 3.5 option.

The Majick May Return

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